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Business Process Modeling

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  • Describe business processes and workflows in BPMN 2.0
  • Add notes and additional specification annotations
  • Track changes using diagram milestones
Cawemo makes modeling a pleasure


  • Share projects with all stakeholders
  • Add comments and discuss process diagrams
  • Achieve alignment between Business and IT
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  • Embed diagrams in applications like Confluence
  • Export diagrams in various formats (PNG, XML)
  • Add links to further documentation within diagrams
Cawemo makes modeling a pleasure

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Introducing Camunda Platform

The future of business process modeling and automation.

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Workflow Automation with Camunda Platform 7

The Camunda Platform

Camunda is a leading software platform for process and decision automation. Cawemo is part of this powerful technology stack, integrating seamlessly with all Camunda products.

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